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29. 6. – 1. 7. 2018, Mladá Boleslav, CZE

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Victory in ECO Energy Rally Bohemia is travelling to France

The premiere year of ECO Energy Rally Bohemia, run as the fifth event of the FIA Electric and New Energy Championship, was won by the French crew Didier Malga – Anne Bonnel in Renault Zoe.

The decisive second leg of the competition of regularity of ECO Energy Rally Bohemia within the world FIA E-Rally Regularity Cup turned out best for the mixed French crew Didier Malga – Anne Bonnel in Renault Zoe. Despite being the third after the first leg with the loss of full 456 points for the lead, the double Champions of France in E-Rally managed to win by a narrow margin in Mladá Boleslav. The running World Champion Italian Walter Fuzzy Kofler with a co-driver Franco Gaioni in Tesla Model S 90D reached the finish by mere 27 points behind them, and thus kept his second place from the first leg. The third place in the Sunday leg was occupied by home crew Lukáš Hataš – Tereza Němcová in Tesla Model X 90D, who had only fallen behind the Italian champion crew by 191 points. The margin of these first three crews, who rightly enjoyed Champaign on the Podium Ceremony in the Staroměstské square in Mladá Boleslav, was significant. The fourth in order, Jana Neubauerová – Jiří Paroubek in Volkswagen e-Golf had already picked up in the regularity tests 2139 points, which was by 837 points more than the third Lukáš Hataš – Tereza Němcová. The second leg meant a big disappointment to the Spanish crew Javier Molto – Loren Serrano in BMW i3 who had been in the lead after the first leg, but then when they failed one regularity test, they were punished by total 3579 points and dropped onto the seventh place. The participants of FIA E-Rally Regularity Cup talked about the ECO Energy Rally Bohemia with recognition on the finish ramp, considering it perfectly prepared with a numerous spectators.

The other competition within the ECO Energy Rally Bohemia was Czech Trophy in ECO Rally, which was organized under less strict national regulations and in which also cars with common hybrid drive type or CNG could take part. In Czech Trophy classification already from the first leg, Michal Žďárský – Milan Nedorost in CNG SEAT Ibiza (990 points) showed their back to everybody, and they won with a margin of 312 points before the second Lukáš Hataš – Tereza Němcová in electric Tesla. This mixed pair climbed the podium right twice – as bronze within classification of FIA E-Rally Regularity Cup, and as silver within the national competition. The third place was occupied by Jana Neubauerová – Jiří Paroubek in the other electro mobile – Volkswagen e-Golf (1307 points).

The most successful brand of ECO Energy Rally Bohemia was Tesla. It did not win in any classification but in both competitions its models always occupied four of the first six places.

The complete results, photographs and videos from all parts of Rally Bohemia can be found at the competition official web site www.rallybohemia.cz and on social networks. The traditional general partner of the competition is the car company ŠKODA AUTO. The event is held under the financial support of Central Bohemia region.

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