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29. 6. – 1. 7. 2018, Mladá Boleslav, CZE

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Shape of Rally Bohemia 2018 revealed

The approved Standard Supplementary Regulations that will provide you with everything necessary regarding this year competition are available on the official web site of Rally Bohemia 2018. Contrary to the previous years they contain a range of new things. One of them is the return of Rally Bohemia into Global Assistance Racing arena at Sosnová near Česká Lípa on the spectator-favoured super stage after five years.

The location of the organization centre remains in Dům kultury Mladá Boleslav, but otherwise there are many changes. The relocation of the Service Park to the restored area of the Hoškovice airport near Mnichovo Hradiště is definitely an important change, as it will shorten the transfer distance to the Saturday stages. The shakedown, which will newly take place on Friday afternoon or early evening, will also run close to the service park along a new track through Březina. After several years is also the ceremonial start moved from Staroměstské square in Mladá Boleslav back in the front of Škoda Auto Museum.

The first crew of Czech Rally Championship will cross the start ramp of 45th Rally Bohemia on Saturday 30th June at 9:30. Immediately after that it will pass three laps on circuit SS Bondy. This stage in the surroundings of the shopping centre of the same name is known from some previous years, however, it will have a completely new attractive shape this year, and the crews will have to overcome three laps of the new circuit. This will give the spectators an excellent opportunity to examine all competing cars. Then after a stop in the service zone a motley racing field will head for stages Chloudov and Radostín in the area of Železný Brod and Hodkovice, the traditional stages in a new shape. Then after many years, Rally Bohemia will arrive directly to Liberec where both the competitors and spectators will experience a big premiere, namely a completely new stage Ještěd that will run directly over the saddle of this natural dominant of the Liberec region.

After conquering Ještěd for the first time, the racing crews will be rewarded with a service stop at the airport at Hoškovice, and then they will set off to pass legs Chloudov, Radostín as well as Ještěd again. This time they will not head off for the service park but two more spectator super stages on racing arena Autodrom Sosnová near Česká Lípa will be in front of them. Rally Bohemia will appear on racing arena Autodrom Sosnová after long five years, and it will be for the first time that two stages easy on the eye can be seen within fifteen minutes there. This will be a big attraction for the spectators because both the stages will run in twos parallel to each other, so from the comfort of the spectators stands they will have the possibility of a direct speed comparison of the competing cars. After early evening passages of the spectator special Gladiator SS Sosnová and evening servicing, the competing specials that will successfully complete the first leg will bed down in the closed park at Hoškovice.

Sunday leg of Rally Bohemia will take place exclusively in the district of Mladá Boleslav. In the morning, the racers will head off for a restored stage Lobeč running along the border of protected landscape area Kokořínsko, which will be followed by the traditional stage Cetno. Even this year will it have a semi-circuit character, and with its length of 24 kilometers it will be the longest stage of Rally Bohemia. On the other hand, Staroměstská stage will be considerably shorter but very intensive, running right through the streets and lanes in the centre of Mladá Boleslav. This stage will get a new shape in its final part offering a range of technical passages as well as spectator-attractive places directly in the historical centre of Mladá Boleslav. While after its first passing the crews will drive back to Hoškovice service park and towards the afternoon passages of all stages mentioned, after the second passing they will head off for the near Staroměstské square. There they will participate in the ceremonial winners announcement and awarding prizes to the most successful crews of the 45th Rally Bohemia. This is planned for the Czech Rally Championship before 3 p.m.

Within the Czech Rally Championship also the Organizer´s Cup for cars of classes 14-18 is announced, which enables any vehicle complying with the valid sports and technical regulations to participate.

Rally Bohemia 2018 is far from only presenting contemporary racing specials of the Czech Rally Championships. It has already become a tradition that the Czech Historic Rally Championship is part of Rally Bohemia. Its participants will have a ceremonial start in front of the Škoda Auto Museum on Friday evening at 8 p.m. this year, when they will go through Prolog in the form of an acceleration test for 200 metres, namely parallel to the participants of the Eco Energy Rally Bohemia. Contrary, on Saturday morning the starting field of the Czech Historic Rally Championship cars will skip the stage Bondy while directly running to the stage Chloudov. This will provide a margin before the contemporary cars, and so we will see the historic cars on the stage tracks as the first ones for the whole Saturday. On Sunday the participants of Czech Historic Rally Championship will run after the contemporary cars as we are used to it at the competitions.

Historic cars at Rally Bohemia are also traditionally participants of exhibition Rally Legend where the times are not measured but the main purpose is to “air” and present the racing cars of the 60s – 90s to the spectators along the track. Legends will be a sort of an appetizer of Saturday programme in Mladá Boleslav when at 9 o´clock a.m. after the ceremonial start in front of the Škoda Auto Museum they will set off for the circular stage Bondy before the contemporary modern specials. On the contrary, during the following stages, they will be filling the gap between the first and the second stage passages. On Saturday we will see the Legends on the track twice (with the exception of Ještěd stage, which will be omitted during the first passing), and then on Sunday traditionally only once when after the morning part of the competition, the Rally Legend will open the programme of the finish ceremonials in Staroměstské Square.

An independent, but all the more important, chapter will be written by this premiere year of Eco Energy Rally Bohemia for the cars with alternative drives that is part of the world cup FIA Electric and New Energies Championship. After the Friday ceremonial start in front of the Škoda Auto Museum at 8 p.m. and the following exhibition acceleration test accompanied by the crews of historic cars, the ecco cars will face two passages of regularity tests Vazovec, Radostín and Chloudov on Saturday. As implied in the names of the regularity tests themselves, the participants of the world cup FIA Electric and New Energy Championship will present themselves on the last two mentioned sections to the spectators of classical Rally Bohemia. The same will happen on Sunday at the first passages of stages Cetno and Staroměstská, as well as in the finish Podium Ceremony of Rally Bohemia in Staroměské square. The sections mentioned will be completed with a special test of regularity named Klokočka on Sunday morning. The Eco Energy Rally Bohemia will have its centre for the whole competition, including a closed parking place between the legs in a romantic surrounding of Sychrov Castle. In addition to the prestigious world cup FIA Electric and New Energies Championship, a national competition according to looser rules is going to be announced by the organizer within the Eco Energy Rally Bohemia, in which also common hybrid cars or CNG cars will be able to take part.

The Standard Supplementary Regulations for all parts of Rally Bohemia 2018 mentioned above can be found at www.rallybohemia.cz in section Documents. The organizer warmly invites both the crews of all competition parts and spectators to participate this year event. The traditional general partner of the competition is even this year the car company ŠKODA AUTO.

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