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29. 6. – 1. 7. 2018, Mladá Boleslav, CZE

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Jindřich Štolfa unexpectedly Winner of Rally Bohemia Historic

For the first time for the five-year period of Rally Bohemia Historic holding did Škoda 130 LR car not win, even though a connection with the Škoda brand was not missing on the top podium place. It was Jindřich Štolfa, a former driver of the factory ŠKODA Motorsport team, who navigated by Miroslav Krčmář won in car Rover Metro GTI.

However, Škoda 130 LR did not miss much to win Rally Bohemia Historic for the fifth time because till the last but one special stage Jan Frei – Petr Šlegl were by more than two minutes in the lead in it. Then the history repeated, and similarly to the last year, their victory here was spoilt by a technical defect, namely of the gearbox this time. After the same special stage, Stanislav Budil and Petr Vejvoda in BMW 2002 TI withdrew due to the defect of the half-axle as well. And also the other former factory Škoda driver, Vladimír Berger in Škoda 130LR, until then on the running fourth place, lost a lot of minutes due to problems. So Jindřich Štolfa with Miroslav Krčmář, until then on the second place, remained at the head literally alone.

Unexpectedly, Jindřich Štolfa was followed on the podium stages by the Peugeot 205 Gti crews in order Vratislav Hýbner – Jiří Jonášek and Roman Mihulka – Jiří Soumar. And what is more, another Peugeot 205 Gti, driven by Tomáš Volf – Milan Donoval, was near to occupy the fourth place when it finally dropped onto the eighth place. And where else than also on the last but one special stage 14 Cetno II. So it was the fourth crew Václav Hostaš – Jan Valeš in Lada VFTS and the fifth Marek Štuksa – Ondřej Novák in Škoda Favorit 136 L who enjoyed striking success on the finish ramp. And Josef Kakrda in a historic Opel Ascona A must have been also happy about his sixth place in the finish.

This year Rally Bohemia Historic could be called a disaster of favourites when already during Saturday leg Vlastimil Neumann in Ford Escort RS Cosworth had to withdraw from the leading position, and the Liberec motorsport legend and the Rally Bohemia Historic winner of past two years Břetislav Enge did not finish the competition either. The demanding competition was only finished by 16 of the 28 starting crews.

The winners of individual categories are as follows:

Category 1 (cars up to year 1969): Oldřich Kovařík – Oldřich Kovařík jun., Škoda Octavia TS 1200; Category 2 (cars from years 1970-1975): Josef Kakrda – Štěpán Chludil, Opel Ascona A; Category 3 (cars from years 1976-1981): František Felt – Marek Felt, Škoda 120 S Rallye; Category 4 (cars from years 1982-1990): Vratislav Hýbner – Jiří Jonášek, Peugeot 205 Gti; Category 5 (cars from years 1991-1996): Jindřich Štolfa – Miroslav Krčmář, Rover Metro GTI.

The complete results as well as the archives from Radio Rally Bohemia broadcast, photos and videos from all the competition parts can be found at the official competition web site www.rallybohemia.cz and on social networks. The traditional general partner of the competition is the car company ŠKODA AUTO. The event is held under the financial support of Central Bohemia region.

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