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29. 6. – 1. 7. 2018, Mladá Boleslav, CZE

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Echoes from the Finish of SS11 MOGUL Cetno I

We are bringing the immediate impressions of the top drivers from the finish of SS11 MOGUL Cetno I, the longest stage of Sunday morning competition section, as broadcast in Radio Rally Bohemia.

Jan Kopecký (running 1st place, in SS 1st place): “Our tracks are faster than those in the world, only Germany might be compared to them. This was a tricky test with slippery tarmac, we had to be careful. However, we have managed it all without problems..“

Václav Pech (running 2nd place, in SS 3rd place): “I have completely botched it up, I wanted to beat Honza too much, but I over-braked some turnings and overheated the tires, it was not a good try. The finish is still far ahead, but now we have been really given a tough time.“

Jan Černý (running 3rd place, in SS 5th place): “Vojta Štajf is driving really well, but we are going “that ours”. We have put on soft tires, which was not too sensible. However, the rally only finishes on the ramp.“

Vojtěch Štajf (running 6th place, in SS 7th place): “I made a mistake, I wanted to push here a bit, and I underestimated the non-heated tires on the slippery tarmac in the first bend, which resulted in a skid and we ended in the ditch a bit. We had to move backwards, and must have lost at least 10 seconds there. Then we made a big effort to reach the finish but if the lads did not make a mistake, they have got in front of us. (Note: in this SS Vojtěch Štajf has dropped from 4th place to 6 th place behind Filip Mareš and by 1 second after Ole ChristianVeiby.)

Filip Mareš (running 4th place, in SS 4th place): “I was rather too much careful on brakes, and we should also have used harder tires for this SS. However, considering the possibilities, it was good.“

Ole Christian Veiby (running 5th place, in SS 2nd place): “A nice special stage, we enjoyed it. It is difficult to chose optimum tires for this SS.“

Roman Odložilík (running 7th place, in SS 10th place): “We made a spin. I don’t like this SS, it is unreasonably fast. It is also demanding in the respect of slippery surface. We used too hard tires on it.“

Štěpán Vojtěch (running 8th place, in SS 8th place): “Although we did not have any big problems, we had a “bad rhythm” already in the morning test. We have run better now, but it is still far from how we did yesterday afternoon. So back onto trees now, and learn, learn, learn.“

Juuso Nordgren (running 9th place, in SS 6th place): “This morning is better than yesterday morning. A very tricky and difficult SS. But I tried to enjoy it. This SS is hard because it is slippery in the wood, it is difficult to estimate the right speed and when one can start braking. I have still much to learn here.“

Jaroslaw Szeja (running 10th place, in SS 9th place): “It is better than yesterday. We had problems with the setup, we have made a better setup of the chassis in the service park.“

Raimund Baumschlager (running 11th place, in SS 13th place): “It was not bad. After my spring accident, I rather made a more careful sheet, which was apparent from the speed, but I am satisfied. And that the opponents were spinning? Definitely, we were not, we ran too slowly for that… :-)“

Miroslav Jakeš (running 12th place, in SS 14th place): “S2000 has managed it, we had a mid-mixture tires, but we will have to use the hard ones for the next lap. With S2000 we often ran in the speed-limiter where we lose, but otherwise, it is a nice SS.“

Radio Rally Bohemia, running results and all information can be found at official competition web site www.rallybohemia.cz. The traditional general partner of the competition is the car company ŠKODA AUTO. The event is held under the financial support of Central Bohemia region.

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