The Rally Bohemia in rear-view mirror

The 40th Rally Bohemia has successfully reached the finish line and celebrated its 40 years of history of rallysport in Mladá Boleslav with dignity. 

Following lines contain no sensation, no scandal, and no tragedy. Should someone find this press release uninteresting, please accept our apology in advance. The Organization Committee of 40th Rally Bohemia led by Pavel Dušánek would like to express great appreciation to all, who have participated in organization of this big rally. “We thank all partners of 40th Rally Bohemia, most importantly the general partner, Škoda Auto Company. Without our partners it wouldn’t be possible to hold such rally competition. The thanks also belong to everyone, who took a share in organization of this rally, no matter whether it was a member of the Organization Committee or the last but not least organizer at the track of special stage somewhere in woods. Work of every one of you has been visible and has been valuated very positively by participants, spectators and also FIA representatives,” says Pavel Dušánek giving these details based on very positive comments, which were given to 40th Rally Bohemia mainly by drivers. Some of them have filed Rally Bohemia in the terms of organization as a whole to the top of Czech rallies. Very positive feedback has been received also from spectators in person as well as using keyboards of their personal computers expressed at variety of internet forums and discussions. We are very happy to hear and read that and we appreciate it very much. We are glad that spectators didn’t get influenced by unfaithful campaign against rally from media, which has been going on for several months. All the special stages has been visited by tens of thousands spectators and counting all three days together it wasn’t far form one hundred thousand. Very positive response was heard also from representative of the presidium of Czech Police. This visitor has seen everything including backstage of the rally guided by the Chairman of Czech Rally Union, Pavel Schovánek.

The members of the 40th Rally Bohemia’s Organization Committee wanting to improve themselves have made a long list of notes about what should be better, changed and different. They have listened to spectators and also drivers getting some details of weaknesses of the rally. Jan Kopecký, for instance, explained a few good suggestions regarding the spectators’ stage in Sosnová. To make it for spectators even more attractive and let them see more of automobile sport rewarding their long travelling from the centre of the rally. Another ideas came from Václav Pech jr. about the ceremonial start and finish. The organizers definitely want to use some of them. Should you, readers of this press release, like to send some ideas of your own, please do not hesitate, it will be much appreciated.

Detailed evaluation of passed 40th Rally Bohemia and premeditation about the future of this rally takes place during following weeks. Nothing has been decided yet, so there is no place for crying wolf nor opening champagne for celebration. At this moment we are happy that jubilee 40th Rally Bohemia went smoothly with no problems and so celebrated long tradition of motorsport in Mladá Boleslav with dignity. The passed event became the celebration of the beautiful motorsport discipline, which rallysport certainly is, and showed that rally truly is popular and favourite sport much sought for great number of spectators. We would like to thank spectators for good behaviour, drivers for fair-play racing and taking part in the competition and partners for vital support.