Legends entertained spectators

Leg 1 of the 40th Rally Bohemia also introduced legendary rally cars from the recent history to spectators along the track of special stages.

Legendary competitive cars drove yesterday behind the main starting field of European Cup through the special stages of 40th Rally Bohemia. This year’s Rally Bohemia Legend has followed the long tradition, where the organizers created the opportunity for these beautiful vehicles from recent history to drive here.

Spectators willing to wait around 15 minutes after the last car of European Cup could see on the same track for instance Audi Sport Quattro from B class, Lancia Delta Integrale, Opel Ascona 400 and Porsche 911. According to feedbacks from spectators along the track it was worth waiting indeed. Even some of the cars have in their certificate stated an earlier date of manufacture; their owners led them into wonderful sporting performance, which all observing eyes enjoyed a lot. Sound of the historical racing engines spread wide across the landscape and spectators could savour the attractive show of rear-wheel-drive cars, which were the majority of starting field of Rally Bohemia Legend.

The cars with winged arrow on the badge totally dominated. Of course the reason is that the factory Škoda’s residence is in Mladá Boleslav city. There is no place like this, where there are more fans of this mark. Most likely the most nostalgic memories raised up the sight at Škoda 130 RS. It is one of the most successful competitive cars ever leaving the gates of automobile factory. More memories appeared when watching popular LR’er – Škoda 130 LR from B class. Wonderfully maintained Škoda Favorit cars weren’t missing either as well as a bit weaker cars Škoda 120 S, 110 L and the olders 1000 MB.

Fans of 2-stroke engines appreciated very much the passages of Trabants and one Wartburg. The Legends basically have entertained all spectators as well drivers themselves and that is just great. The Organization Committee of 40th Rally Bohemia would like to thank all Legend participants and to wish countless number of successful kilometres with no breakdown of their precious. See you again at some other event with your beautiful cars.

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