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12.–14. 7. 2019, Mladá Boleslav, CZE

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Rally Bohemia is returning to its historic tracks

As early as in the autumn last year, the organizers of Rally Bohemia announced the intention to revive some of the tracks and locations where we could have seen the famous competition in its deep history. Now it can be said that it has succeeded. There are 20 special stages waiting for crews and spectators, 12 of which are brand new and several ones have been innovated.

Rally Bohemia is characterized by a significant change of tracks from year to year, but this year will make these changes more extensive. The organizers were able to obtain all necessary permits for the passage of special stages in the area of Český Dub, Liberec, Železný Brod and Turnov regions, where in some cases the last race was held in the 1980’s or – the 1990s. These revived special stages, together with the service at the airport in Hoškovice, will form the backbone of the Saturday stage and will give the witnesses and spectators the opportunity to remember the past. “With the exception of the introductory city special in Mladá Boleslav, all Saturday special stages will be new. They will be up to ten kilometers long and there will therefore always be five in a row of them without service. Most of them will be demanding on brakes, so in addition to gas, it will be necessary to engage one’s mind and approach the competition with perhaps a little more prudence than ever,” says Petr Pavlát, Clerk of the Course of this year’s Rally Bohemia. Even before the crews arrive at new Saturday routes, after many years, the restored Friday evening prologue at Autodrom Sosnová near Česká Lípa is waiting. Here, the crews will compete in front of the audience stands in popular parallel fights.

The Sunday stage will also start with a completely new special stage, while the final test in Staré Město in Mladá Boleslav will traditionally end. Despite its smaller length last year, it very strongly shuffled the final ranking. Before that, however, the Sunday stage will culminate in the longest special stage of the entire competition, which will be Radostín, which is popular among pilots, with more than 22 kilometers. This will also be an innovative version. This year the race is not going cross the well-known wooden bridge “Sýkorův mostek”, which is undergoing a reconstruction, or through the village of Radostín, but other interesting passages will arise again. “We tried to select SS tracks so that unpopular retarders could not be placed on them. One of the conditions of the owner of most roads, ie the Regional Road Administration of the Liberec Region, is to avoid curtailing corners and damaging the roadside. So, like most other competitions, so-called “anti-cuts” will be used. We therefore assume that there will be relatively constant conditions on the track and that even during the second passage, no dirt from the previous passage will be significantly drawn on the track,” Pavlát adds.

The 46th Rally Bohemia will host the fifth event of Czech Rally Championship in Mladá Boleslav as well as the Czech Historic Rally Championship and the Rally Legend. The ECO energy Rally Bohemia, which will be the sixth event of the FIA Electric and New Energy Championship, ie the “World Rally Championship” for electric cars in rallies, will also take place after its successful premiere last year. This will be complemented by the Czech Trophy in the ECO rally, according to the freer rules, which may also include cars for hybrid drive, CNG, LPG or ethanol (E85). ECO energy Rally Bohemia will use a part of the closed rally classic tracks, including the super special spectator stand at Autodrom Sosnová, and interested motorists will also be able to participate.

You can also watch more information and interesting facts about the competition on social networks. A traditional general partner of 46th Rally Bohemia 2019 is car company ŠKODA AUTO.

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