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12.–14. 7. 2019, Mladá Boleslav, CZE

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ECO energy Rally Bohemia invites the general public to participate

Within 46. Rally Bohemia 2019 will be held for the second time after the successful premiere of the ECO energy Rally Bohemia for cars with alternative drive types. The Czech ECO Rally Trophy will also be held together with the FIA Electric and New Energy Championship. The organizer invites you to participate in the ECO energy Rally Bohemia.

If you want to experience the feelings of the racers of the famous Rally Bohemia, the beauty of the Liberec and Central Bohemia regions, and at the same time enjoy an active long weekend, the ECO energy Rally Bohemia is the optimal choice. All you need to participate is to have any standard electric car or one with alternative fuel. If you have an electric car, you can participate in both the FIA Electric and New Energy Championship and the Czech ECO Rally as well. If you have a hybrid, plug-in hybrid, or CNG, LPG or ethanol (E85) car, then you can sign up for the Czech ECO Rally Trophy. There is no need to have any license or previous experience with competitions of this type.

ECO energy Rally Bohemia is a competition in regularity of the ride, in which the crews have the task to keep the specified driving average on individual measured sections – regularity stages (RS). There are three legs that will be held from Friday 12th to Sunday 14th July. The competition itself starts on Thursday 11th July afternoon of scrutineering, which will be followed by an introductory briefing for crews with a welcome banquet. Crews will pass more than 600 km of the course according to the classic arrow itinerary, of which 300 km of regularity stages will be divided into 23 different sections. Of this, 9 regularity tests will offer participants an experience of driving on the special stages of Rally Bohemia in front of a large audience stage. There will also be a stage in front of crowded audience stands at Autodrom Sosnová. The rest of the special stages will lead to interesting picturesque corners and tortuous roads of the Liberec Region, the foothills of the Jizera Mountains and the Mladá Boleslav Region. In addition to racing, the crew will also visit the Glass Museum in Nový Bor and Ferdinand Porsche’s birthplace in Vratislavice nad Nisou. This visit will be very thematic, as there is, among other things, a hybrid petrol-electric car, which the founder of the automobile dynasty of the Porsche family designed himself in 1903. The ceremonial finish of ECO energy Rally Bohemia will be at finish ramp of 46. Rally Bohemia at Mladá Boleslav’s Old Town Square on Sunday after 2pm.

The entry fee for the competition is CZK 5,900 for the entire crew. It should be emphasized that this deposit already includes both accommodation in the hotel Zlaty lev (****) in Liberec throughout the course of the competition from Thursday to Sunday, as well as all meals from Thursday evening banquet to Sunday lunch. And that’s not all – for bringing every new crew that did not start last year, a discount from the starting fee of CZK 1,000 will be granted. This means that if a crew were to bring six new entrants to the start, they would take a free three-day contest, including accommodation and meals. ”We believe that the conditions are very favorable and we can say that the attendance at the ECO energy Rally Bohemia will not cost the crews much more than would be a weekend anywhere else in the country, even without races. In addition, the participants will be part of one of the oldest and most famous rallies in the Czech Republic and will also take part in closed tracks, including Autodrom Sosnová,” says member of organizing committee ECO energy Rally Bohemia Ing. Jan Šrámek, and adds: ”You do not have to worry about entering the competition even if you have no experience with this type of race. If you do not need to win the first time , the event is nothing difficult. Driving averages on regularity tests are chosen to match the safe pace of normal road traffic. We will explain the ride according to the itinerary to all crews at the briefing during the introductory banquet, where the competitors will be briefed. At the same time, you will be able to compare your results with the best crews of this discipline in the world, thanks to the fact that rally is a event of the FIA Electric and New Energy Championship. Our goal is that the racing crews take a nice motoring sport experience enriched with a bit of culture.”

The organizers of the ECO Energy Rally Bohemia invite all those interested in this discipline to participate, whether they are interested in sporting ambitions or an interestingly spent long weekend. For more information, please contact the organizers via email eco@rallybohemia.cz or by phone (+420) 739960971. Information on the competition will be gradually added on www.rallybohemia.cz

A traditional general partner of the 46th Rally Bohemia 2019 is the car company ŠKODA AUTO.

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