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“Pedro” – Baldaccini are winning Rally Bohemia Historic (FIA EHSRC)

Press Release No. 27

The Italian crew “Pedro” – Emanuele Baldaccini in Lancia Rally 037 have become winners of Rally Bohemia Historic. They took the lead already after the second special stage, however, their biggest rivals Mats Myrsell – Esko Junttila from Sweden were at their heels all the time. The third place belongs to Carlo Marenzana and Luca Beltrame from Italy.

The situation became more dramatic during the last but one special stage Lobeč where “Pedro” left behind for about twenty seconds and Mats Myrsell lowered the distance to mere seventeen seconds. Then, however, “Pedro” won in the last two special stages again, so his lead at the finish was twenty-five seconds. The Italian crew Carlo Marenzano – Luca Beltrame finished safely on the third place, which they managed to keep from the very beginning.

The comments of the first three crews from the finish press conference of FIA European Historic Sporting Rally Championship:

“Pedro”, Lancia Rally 037: “The tracks here are really beautiful and there were plenty of fans here. We would like to thank them all very much because their presence along the track motivated us to drive as fast as possible,” said Pedro, and gaining applause from the spectators in Staroměstské náměstí (Old Town Square) in Mladá Boleslav he continued: “And of course, we had to drive fast because of our rivals. We had to drive really at full blast all the time and could not have any rest on the track.”

Mats Myrsell: “We would also like to thank the spectators, they were fantastic. We drove at full blast all the time, we tried to attack Pedro, but you know it is difficult to compete such a monstrous car as Lancia 037 with our older Porsche. In addition, as you can see, we are not right the lightest and our Porsche has to carry some extra kilos,” ended the second pilot of the absolute classification and category 2 winner with a smile.

Luca Beltrame, Carlo Marenzany’s co-driver: “We have come here for victory in our category 3 and we managed it. The organization of the race was very good and there were really many spectators along the track. The tracks were difficult on their own, and the participation of too many contemporary cars made them even more difficult because the conditions of the tracks quite changed after the second passes. This result will help us to strengthen the lead in the European Historic Sporting Rally Championship in our category.”
Within the classification of the FIA European Historic Sporting Rally Championship the Hungarians Ferenc Wirtmann – György Barna finished the fourth and the fifth place belongs to the Swedish Tony Jansson – Daniel Westlund, both the crews in Fords Escort RS. However, Jansson – Westlund had to speed at the last special stages before the Italian crew Giuseppe Bosurgi – Stefano Cirillo in Lancia Rally 037 that had left behind them only by nine seconds.

In category 1 of the oldest cars Antonio Parisi – Guiseppe – D’Angelo with their Porsche 911 won the race before Sverre Norrgårdem – Reetou Hämäläinen, who had struggled with a lot of technical problems of their BMW 2002 ti all the time. The third place was occupied by Pekka Anttalainen – Pirjo Rosbergová in Škoda Felicia Super 996.

All the information and results of this year Rally Bohemia Historic can be found on the official competition website www.rallybohemia.cz. The traditional general partner of Rally Bohemia is ŠKODA AUTO.

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Press Release no. 27 (PDF 745 kB)


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