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Jan Krejča retained the victory within Czech Historic Rally Championship

Press Release No. 29

The crew Jan Krejča – Pavel Šárka in Škoda 130 LR managed to retain the last year victory in Rally Bohemia Historic within the classification of Czech Historic Rally Championship. For the whole time, their biggest rivals were Břetislav Enge – Lucie Engová in another Škoda 130 LR.

After the first leg the crews of both “hundred and thirties” had a distance between each other only six seconds. The first special stage of the second leg Lobeč showed to be the key one, when Břetislav Enge lost 23 seconds to Jan Krejča. From that moment till the finish, the distance between both the fastest crews was constant half a minute. On the side of the sixty-five-year old legend of the Czech racing on circuits and up the hill, Břetislav Enge, it was a surprising and definitely the best performance of his renewed racing carrier.

The third place in the Sunday leg was easily retained by Petr Michálek – Roman Maryška in Suzuki Swift. The fourth place belongs to Jiří Petrášek – Pavel Bašta in Opel Ascona and the fifth to Jan Frei – Karel Zapletal with another Škoda 130 LR. Petr Hustý – Václav Tesař had bad luck when they had to withdraw from the first place due to a technical defect on their Alfa Romeo 1750 GTam at the end of Saturday leg.

Comments of the first three crews from the finish press conference of the Czech Historic Rally Championship:

Jana Krejča: “I think we were lucky, we did not have any problems, and our rivals did. We tried to drive at full blast from the very beginning. It went well and it turned out as you can see. If we are already thinking of the title? Well, we have started very well, so far we have won all the three competitions, including today´s Rally Bohemia, which we are happy about. But what we are going to do next, we will solve after the race. Now we have to do some things on the car, and Pavel is going to have a holiday, and the next competition is nearing. We would like to participate in Pačejov. But so far everything is up the air.”

Břetislav Enge: “I did not expect such a result. We came just to have a good ride, similarly to the last year, but this year we decided to compete a little bit, but with an idea of placing to the fifth place, which would be fine. So we exceeded our plan a bit :)“

Lucie Engová: “Well, I bore the pace set quite well because it was really fast, so one was reading and reading and didn’t have time for anything else.”

Petr Michálek: “With respect to the fact that we drove Rally Bohemia for the first time, we mainly came to learn, but everything went well. The car was going properly and survived, although it received a big load on those long stages. We did not expect the third place at all, so we are extremely satisfied.”

Not only did ŠKODA brand dominate this year Rally Bohemia Historic within Czech Historic Rally Championship on the winning places but also in numbers – fifteen out of eighteen competition cars that had passed the finish ramp were of ŠKODA brand.

All the information about this year Rally Bohemia can be found on the official website of the competition www.rallybohemia.cz. The traditional general partner of Rally Bohemia is ŠKODA AUTO.

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Press Release no. 29 (PDF 739 kB)


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