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Comments of other Pilots of Czech Rally Championship after 1st Leg

Press Release No. 24

We are bringing you the feelings of other pilots of the Czech Rally Championship from the night service centre after the 1st leg of the 42nd Rally Bohemia. At these moments, the crews are setting out on the track of the first Sunday special stages in the region of Mladá Boleslav.

Jan Dohnal, 3rd place after 1st leg: “We have completed the leg in piece, or mechanics repaired a defected differential where there was a problem with a sensor. However, we must still learn a lot, a setup has to be adjusted, it seems to me the car is wobbling like a duck. We are trying to drive using our heads, it is driven well, I am quite pleased with it. Tomorrow’s special stages are wider and faster, perhaps suitable for WRC. Now the mechanics are going to exchange all springs, and we will try to invent a magic setup so that it worked in fast turns more safely for me.”

Pavel Valoušek, 4th place after 1st leg: “Contrary to the first passes, we have had a really good ride, we had a bigger drive, I am surprised that we sped up only a little as against the first section. Our plan for tomorrow is to keep our position – we are going for the champion title, we are trying to be fast, avoid mistakes and defects – although, of course, these depend on good luck. In terms of the championship it is all right with us.”

Štěpán Vojtěch, 5th place after 1st leg: “Everything is working, so good feelings. We had a nice ride especially at the second Sychrov, up there we could see. Then we switched on the lights because we have such a trembling ramp, so I did not believe it in the fast passages. Šumburk was all right, now Bzí was driven more carefully because we met milled holes at Šumburk and bended two rims. We were lazy to change them so we drove on the bended rims. A beautiful ride, we have only tiny things, the boys worked hard before the race. We keep the old habits even at night; after all, I have been racing for a long time. However, I am always surprised that when I sit in the car after a long time, it goes still well. I am pleased we manage to catch the right rhythm, especially when driving at a steady pace. The times are a nice bonus for us but they are not the most important, we want to enjoy the race and to be seen.”

Roman Odložilík, 6th place after 1st leg: “I made some mistakes at Sychrov, so the time was not good. Then I was looking forward to Šumburk, but there I hit the same hole as Lappi. I wonder why the organizers do not repair it somehow, it is a big blow, we are having a defect at the front and a bended rim at the rear. We drove the rest of SS after the defect and left a minute there. Definitely, we will be missing it in the fight with Valda tomorrow, however, on this other hand, I must praise the competition as such – it is very nice and we enjoy it.”

Martin Vlček, 10th place after 1st leg: “We have tuned, turned, screwed everything possible, I am trying to change it into a to-be Škoda so that it could be well controlled, and we have tested it in one part, pulled a bit more and achieved the fifth time. So I think now the car could suit us – all the buttons that were there have been set correctly. We will see tomorrow. I prefer technical sections, however, for WRC tomorrow will be better than today.”

Jan Votava, 1st place in class 3 of production cars after 1st leg: “It is good, based on the current point counting one race is behind us, and we have won. We are satisfied, we are successful in the narrow, tomorrow in the wide, and it will be a completely different race. We have kept rivals behind, so we are satisfied.”

Josef Semerád, 2nd place in class 3 of production cars after 1st leg: “It was better in yellow glasses; however, I must congratulate the crew Votava – Synáč. They had their day and succeeded. We were fighting as much as possible, we let the car on hard tyres, and I must admit it’s just not the same at night. I am scared more, so we have failed and are the second today. I am looking forward to tomorrow… and if we are planning an attack? Of course, we are! We will be fighting!”

Egon Smékal, 1st place of 2WD after 1st leg: “It was quite good, but the fact that no one considered what would happen at Šumburk on the road with milled holes covered after passing two hundred cars, namely ten-centimetre steps. So half of our car is damaged, geometry, two rims and who knows what else. Two tyres damaged, fortunately did not deflate. But otherwise, it was fine and I liked it.”

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Press Release no. 24 (PDF 747 kB)


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